Hearing loss is a common global health issue. Around 13% of America's population experiences hearing-related problems annually. The symptoms of hearing loss include muted sounds, trouble following a conversation, and wax accumulation.

If you are concerned that you are experiencing hearing loss, you should consider consulting an audiologist for a hearing test. While you may not want to initially schedule an appointment with an audiologist, you should seek hearing loss treatment for the following reasons: 

  • You are over 65
  • To address and prevent current problems
  • Symptoms might get worse

Age-related hearing loss is widespread, and you may need tests and treatment. Hearing loss is the most obvious reason for visiting an audiologist. But further issues can also be treated and prevented. If you leave any hearing-related problems, they could get worse and end up costing more money.

You are Aging 

As you age, you are likely to experience hearing loss. From the age of 60 onwards, you should consider regular audiologist appointments. From the age of 50, noise accumulation will damage your ears and result in hearing loss and hearing-related issues later on. 

Everyone is different, but you may or may not need an appointment right away, and the severity of issues varies. If you don't have any obvious hearing issues yet cannot identify any cause for concern, then a hearing test is recommended at least every 3 years. But if your problems persist, then you should see an audiologist at least once a year.

Address and Prevent Issues

Although hearing issues are commonly associated with aging, you can begin to get symptoms from 12. Therefore, no matter your age, you may need hearing tests. Especially if you are currently experiencing any hearing-related problems. Such issues include having trouble following a conversation, turning your head towards someone to hear them speak, or having difficulty perceiving high frequencies. Any of these should be addressed immediately.

But even if you are below the age of 50 and do not experience any issues, you should consider scheduling an appointment. It is common for people to be unaware that they are experiencing hearing loss. Following an assessment and absent any significant issues, then an annual hearing test should be enough. However, most people choose to see an audiologist around once every 3 years.

Your Symptoms May Get Worse

As with any medical condition, not getting treatment for hearing loss could potentially allow it to get worse the longer you leave it. However, because treatment for most hearing loss is relatively simple, this is a rather poor choice. Understandably, finances could get in the way, but getting simple treatment now, means lower cost in the future.

Also, the social aspects of hearing loss might get worse. It isn't uncommon for social isolation to occur with hearing loss. This is because you might avoid public gatherings due to not being able to hear. Leaving yourself in isolation like this will exacerbate the feelings of depression and anxiety.