More and more people are falling into the trap of buying hearing aids online or by mail order without ever visiting an audiologist in person. While there is no denying that the discounts offered by online hearing aids can be tempting, purchasing hearing aids without a professional fitting is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Hearing aids and personalization

Hearing aids are extremely complex pieces of technology that need to be delicately calibrated to suit the unique hearing capability of each individual user. In other words, they are not “one-size-fits-all,” in physical fit or in programming.

When you purchase hearing aids from an audiologist, your new device will be made to fit the specific shape of your ear for maximum comfort. Furthermore, the programming of the hearing aid will be based on your personal audiogram results, meaning its amplification settings are tailored to suit your level, balance and range of hearing loss. Without a hearing aid fitting, you will more than likely end up with an uncomfortable and ineffective hearing aid – so, what you thought was money saved was actually money wasted!

What happens during a hearing aid fitting?

The problems don’t stop there: without a hearing aid fitting you will miss out on so much more than just a personalized product. Professional hearing aid fittings typically last up to two hours and include a walkthrough from your audiologist on how to properly care for and maintain your device. Additionally, your audiologist will help you understand how to work your hearing aid, from inserting and removing it properly to using all the features and settings.

Follow-up visits

Choosing to get your new hearing aid fit by an audiologist will also mean important follow-up appointments. After your hearing aid fitting, you will return to see your audiologist several times for progress check-ups, adjustments and servicing. Follow-up visits are crucial when it comes to adjusting to your new hearing devices, and these only take place after your initial hearing aid fitting.

Don’t leave the quality of your hearing care to chance. You wouldn’t buy eyeglasses without a sight test, nor take medication without a professional diagnosis. Using a hearing aid that has not been specifically programmed to fit your ears can actually worsen your hearing loss in the long run. Find an audiologist in your area and give your ears the care they deserve.