People experiencing hearing loss may have trouble understanding speech, distinguishing words and recognizing the direction sounds are coming from. They might also experience a ringing or buzzing in their ears. These symptoms often worsen when there is background noise and during conversations on the phone.

Ways To Prevent Deafness From Setting in Too Early in Life

  • Getting your hearing tested regularly and before you show any signs of loss
  • Wearing earplugs during loud events like concerts, sports, or matches to lower the risk of permanent damage. You might also want to invest in a pair that blocks out more sound 

How Can You Tell if Your Loved One Has Been Ignoring Signs of Hearing Loss?

If you suspect a loved one has been ignoring hearing loss symptoms, you might notice they are not responding to their name or turning up the TV louder than usual. It's essential for family members and friends to check in on people experiencing hearing loss every so often by asking them how they're doing and how you can help with anything.

What Can You Do if Your Loved One Is Ignoring Their Hearing Loss Symptoms?

If you want to try and help someone with hearing loss who might be in denial, speak up about the problem and ask for their support so they too can experience a better quality of life. Sometimes people are embarrassed or ashamed that they've been ignoring their hearing loss symptoms; a supportive friend or family member can help them get the support they need to take control of the situation by taking them to an audiologist. 

Why Do People Ignore Their Hearing Loss Symptoms?

Some people may not notice hearing loss symptoms or realize they're experiencing them. Others might think it's too expensive to get a hearing test or an audiologist appointment and that the problem will resolve on its own if they wait long enough. Sometimes family members try to protect loved ones by telling themselves that their behavior is normal for someone of an older age group or that it's just a phase.

Common Misconceptions About Deafness

  • People who are deaf can't hear anything: that's not entirely true. People who are deaf have some level of hearing that enables them to detect sounds, but they may have trouble differentiating among these tones and noticing where the sound is coming from
  • Deafness is an older person's disease, and it couldn't be further from the truth. Deafness is a disease that can affect anyone and has been on the rise in recent years
  • People who are deaf can't function properly – They often have some degree of understanding, but it varies depending on how severe their condition is. You should not judge the ability to participate in society just because the person can't hear

If you think you might be experiencing any hearing difficulty, don't wait! Instead, get tested today by an audiologist who knows how important good health is in maintaining excellent cognitive function into old age.