You may be wondering and asking, why and when do I need a hearing test? I hear just fine, right? The problem with hearing loss is we often learn to cope with our diminished capabilities, so while others may notice you struggling to hear, you’ve grown accustomed to it. Ask yourself a couple of questions, including: Do I need to turn the volume up louder than most others – or do they complain the television or radio is too loud? Are you asking others to speak up or to repeat themselves often? Do you have a hard time hearing women and children speak? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a problem with your hearing and should probably get your hearing tested.

Hearing loss and hearing tests

Hearing loss can occur from any number of reasons, such as age, trauma, noise or disease. Just like your general health that you check every year with your yearly physical at the doctors or like your yearly eye exam to check your eyesight and health of your eyes, you should also be getting yearly hearing tests done to check the health of your ears and your hearing.

Reasons to check your hearing

Having your hearing tested can help you and your audiologist monitor, know and understand your hearing over your lifetime. You can both monitor and note any changes that may occur over time as you age or go through different things in your life, such as sickness, trauma, workplace noise, lifestyle noise or hereditary diseases. It is always good to have a baseline to know if there are any changes that occur over time with your hearing; this is another great reason to have your hearing tested yearly or at least every couple of years.

Different hearing tests

Many workplaces also do what are called “baseline tests” at the workplace to help them know and determine if any of their employees have a hearing loss or are developing a hearing loss because hearing loss, depending on the industry you work in, can occur due to noise in the workplace environment. This testing is now a part of workplace safety protocol simply because many industries have learned how important hearing is, how easily it can be damaged and how easily it is to prevent said damage with proper safety protocols put in place thus saving them time and money.

Peace of mind

Having your hearing tested is also important for your own peace of mind. You can know for certain whether or not you have hearing loss and can take the proper measures to prevent further or current hearing loss as well as taking proper measures to fix it if you do have it. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area today and take the first step to healthy hearing!