As any audiologist will tell you, the reality for most people when it comes to cleaning their ears is that there is no need. Your ears are actually incredibly efficient at self-cleaning – all that wax that tumbles out from time to time is just your ear’s way of getting rid of debris and dirt.

And if you are in the habit of cleaning your own ears too often or too thoroughly, the truth is that you could do yourself some significant damage. Not only is it possible to harm yourself, but you can also strip your ear canal of critical natural oils, opening the door for bacteria to thrive and cause infection.

All this aside, however, there may be occasions when you need to see a professional for ear cleaning. The big question we are going to answer today is – when is the best time? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

You recognize these symptoms

Of course, you cannot see inside your own ear, but there are a few signs of problems arising that you can detect. Do your ears pop or crackle when you chew food or gum? Do they feel clogged and full – perhaps resulting in a little hearing loss? Is there an itchiness, dampness, or draining feeling in your ears? If so, you may not need to be professionally cleaned – but it is worth visiting your audiologist to get your ears examined and come up with a suitable plan of action.

You suffer from these symptoms

The symptoms listed above are irritating, but not really a problem. If you experience the following in your ears, however, it might be worth getting them professionally cleaned. Are your ears causing your pain – or even giving you a fever? Are they failing to drain themselves, and causing you difficulty in sleeping? And is the feeling of unwellness they are creating making you lose your appetite or feel queasy? If so, visit your audiologist sooner rather than later. It is likely your earwax is impacted and you may have an infection that needs attention.

Your ears impact on a regular basis

Finally, most people will suffer from impacted earwax from time to time – it’s common and normal, and usually sorts itself out. However, what happens if it is a regular occurrence? The honest truth is that some people produce more earwax than others, and this can happen more often as you get older. And another issue with aging is that your body can sometimes produce its natural ‘cleaning’ oils less regularly than it did when you were young. Ultimately, all these issues can add up to mean that earwax is more likely to dry up before it is pushed out, which is when it becomes impacted. So, if you experience impacted wax on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to visit your audiologist. You may be recommended to go for a preventative cleaning appointment once or twice a year.

So, there you have it – there is no need to have your ears professionally cleaned in most cases. The issues listed above, however, should be discussed with your audiologist.