When diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be concerned with what happens at hearing aid fittings. The vital thing to know is that you will be supported fully by the Audiology team. 

The Fitting Process

There is a fitting process to make sure your hearing aid is right for you. There are different types of hearing aid, and each one requires a slightly different fitting process. You will more than likely have to have molding created on your ear. This is to make sure your hearing aid fits perfectly with your ear.

You may have the chance to try out different hearing aids and to see the other profiles available to you. If hearing aids are the right choice for you, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the way they look and feel and this is why fittings are so necessary. 

Once they have been fit to your ear and custom made, you will have to return for a programming appointment. This is where the audiologists will tune your hearing aids to meet the needs of your hearing loss. As each person is different, different levels are needed and adjustments may need to be made to your hearing aids for up to 12 weeks after fitting. This is because your brain is becoming retrained with hearing different noises and to get it perfectly right there need to be small regular adjustments. 

Asking Questions

During the fitting process, there will be time for you to ask questions and there are some specific things you need to know. The most common things include: how to care for your hearing aids, how to clean your hearing aids, how to change the battery, what happens if they get damaged or stop working, how to adjust the volume or link to a hearing loop. There are no questions that are too embarrassing or silly to ask. You should find out all you can at the fittings to save you time in the event of anything happening to your hearing aids. are 

What happens with adjusting the hearing aids?

Over time, you may need your hearing aids adjusting, and this is a normal part of the process. As your hearing changes, your hearing aids need to mirror this change. The first time you wear your hearing aids may be very overwhelming, and lots of people report this. Part of the fitting should suggest to you a plan on how to get used to the aids and timings that should allow you to get used to them. 

How do I get used to my hearing aids?

Here are a few suggestions that will help you to get used to your hearing aids. 

  • Wear your hearing aids around your home in quiet situations first, then get used to wearing them in small social situations. 
  • Listen to classical music or instrumentals to get used to listening to music and adjusting your hearing aids accordingly. 
  • Create a schedule for increasing the time spent wearing your hearing aids in different situations.