When you are going to go for a hearing test, it is important to know what the process involves to ensure you are completely prepared and get the most out of your appointment. While you may not know what to expect – you have nothing to worry about. Hearing tests are completely normal, painless and it will be completed in a quick and timely fashion.

While there isn’t an extensive amount of preparation you need to do to get ready for your hearing test, learning more about what you can expect during the process will help you go in feeling relaxed and excited to take this next step to improve your hearing health.

You’ll have to complete paperwork

When you arrive at your hearing health professional’s office, you will be asked to complete some forms. These may entail some family history regarding hearing loss, a list of symptoms you’re experiencing, any medication you’re on or even insurance information. While hearing aids aren’t often covered by insurance, your hearing test may be, which is why it’s important to fill all of your information out as thoroughly as possible.

You’ll have your hearing tested

Next, your hearing health professional will conduct a series of hearing tests based off of your symptoms. There are several different types of hearing tests, all which measure the function of different parts of your auditory system. These tests are painless and non-invasive, and your hearing care provider will explain them in detail before performing any exam. The most common hearing test will require you to sit in a soundproof room or booth, wearing a set of headphones and you simply indicate when you hear a noise by pushing a button or raising a hand.

The results will be discussed

Once your results have been gathered, you will be able to discuss them with your expert. When it comes to your results, you will likely have several questions, and you are going to be able to talk about this with your hearing health provider. Going over your results will enable the hearing health provider to recommend the best treatment, which is most often hearing aids. They will discuss your level of hearing loss and what devices would be suited to your specific needs.

These are a few of the things that you need to make sure you keep in mind when going to get your hearing tested. Having an idea of what to expect means you have peace of mind and don’t need to worry about the test. You should not be afraid about asking any questions, because this is natural and your hearing care professional will be happy to provide answers. Being prepared is one of the best ways to take the stress out of your hearing tests moving forward.