Hearing aids and hearing loss can have a very negative perception. Many believe hearing aids are a sign of aging, lesser intelligence or a low economical status. The list goes on and on. This negative perception towards those with hearing loss and hearing aids can often deter individuals from addressing and treating their problem. So let’s take a closer look at some of the negative stigmas that are associated with hearing aids and hearing loss.

  • Hearing aids are a waste of time and money. Completely untrue. Hearing aids are amazing medical devices that have helped many people with hearing loss, young and old, in order to hear the world around them again for close to 100 years. The technology is getting better and the devices are getting smaller, creating a more comfortable and hidden unit. And while hearing aids can be costly, they’re an investment for your health and quality of life.
  • Hearing aids are big and ugly. While the first hearing aids developed were a bit clunky and very noticeable, the technology available to us today is highly advanced, aesthetically pleasing and discreet. They are smaller and more streamlined. They fit better in or behind a user’s ears. People rarely notice when someone is wearing a hearing aid due to the newer, sleeker designs.
  • Hearing aids are uncomfortable to wear, especially all day. Hearings aids prior to a few decades ago were large and more difficult to wear. The technology wasn’t quite there yet for what was really needed in a hearing aid for its users. But today hearing aids are small, sleek and comfortable. The ease of design is user-friendly and most times people forget they even have their hearing aids. Technology in the design and function of hearing aids has come a very long way since the early 1900s.
  • I’m not old. Hearing aids are for old people. Anyone with hearing loss no matter the age should consider hearing aids. Hearing loss happens at any age and for any number of reasons, so your age does not rule out whether or not hearing aids would be a good fit for you.