If you have some trouble hearing in certain places and environments it could be a sign you need a hearing test. Although it might be a little uncomfortable at first, a hearing test can identify the cause of your hearing loss and shed light on possible solutions. Following a hearing test, your life can be transformed by proper treatment or hearing aids. 

You have a ringing in your ears 

One of the ways your hearing declines as you age is when you begin to hear a low frequency ringing. This is commonly called tinnitus and may not be caused by listening to music too loudly – although that can also happen. 

The sound receptors in your ears begin to lose their effectiveness as you age, however the neurological pathways remain open. Your brain then creates noise where the sound should be. This is a top reason to have a hearing test. 

You ask people to repeat things 

There are several reasons why you might have to ask people to repeat things. Maybe you are speaking in a noisy environment or maybe you weren't paying attention. But it's important to monitor this dynamic to check it isn't hearing loss. 

Often people have a degree or confirmation bias. If they ask people to speak up it's because of background noise, not a decline in hearing. However, it might be a sign of hearing that a test can improve.  

You struggle with background noise 

Background noise might be the sound of traffic on the road, a TV or radio or people chatting. High levels of background noise can cause a difficulty in hearing what a person is saying, but hearing loss doesn't help. 

It's important to distinguish between background noise and hearing loss. Often, it's a matter of degrees. Monitor the issue of a period and decide if you need a hearing test. Your audiologist can recommend an effective way forward. 

You have to turn up the TV or radio 

Do you ever walk into a room where a TV is on and ask the person listening to turn it up? Or maybe someone comes into the room and comments on how loud the TV is that you're watching. This is a top reason to have a hearing test. 

You might not think you have any hearing issues, but listening to devices at high volumes is an indication that something isn't quite right. It could be a wax buildup or some age-related hearing loss. Your audiologist will advise you best. 

You miss auditory alerts 

One of the strongest signs that you are experiencing some hearing loss is when you miss auditory alerts. This could be an alarm in the morning or a timer for your food. Again, it has to happen regularly for it to warrant a hearing test. 

Auditory alerts are loud and designed to get your attention, even when you are in a deep sleep state. If you find you are missing these often it's a top reason to have a hearing test. Your audiologist will advise you of the best way forward.