The day has arrived and you are ready to collect your new hearing aid! You may be feeling apprehensive – but remember – this is a monumental moment for you. Many people get so swept up in the excitement of receiving their new hearing devices that they forget to ask important questions. In order to get the most out of your new hearing aid take a look at the list of questions below and make sure you cover these points at your consultation.

  1. Should I wear my new hearing aid continuously? This is a very important question to ask for new hearing aid users. Many hearing care providers will advise you to adhere to a ‘wearing schedule’ during the first few weeks of use, particularly if you have been living with your hearing loss for a number of years, without the use of an aid. Being suddenly exposed to a whole new range of sound can be quite disorientating, it is sometimes better to wear your hearing aid for a few hours at a time to help your brain adjust gradually to the new information it is receiving.
  2. How do I change the batteries in my new hearing aid? Most hearing care providers will talk you through this with a new hearing aid. That being said, there is no harm in actually practicing replacing the batteries yourself before you go home; it eliminates the possibility of you getting stuck later on. Also, make sure you are clear on where to get new batteries and what to do with the old ones once you have replaced them.
  3. How do I avoid damaging my new hearing aid? Some hearing care professionals may assume ‘what not to do’ with your new hearing aid is self-explanatory. For instance, getting it wet is generally out of the question. However, there are a number of other conditions to avoid with your aid, such as excessive heat, humidity and chemical exposure. Make sure you talk these things through; it will save you a trip back in a few days with a broken hearing aid.
  4. How do I adjust my new hearing aid? Again, this is something you can expect to be talked through but make sure you try it yourself before you leave the consultation. You will need to know how to adjust the volume yourself and how to test your aid in different listening environments. Going through this thoroughly now will save you a lot of frustration later on.
  5. 5.     How do I care for my new hearing aid? Ask for comprehensive instructions on cleaning and storing your aid. Make sure you know how often to clean it; what tools to use and how to store your hearing aid when you are not using it. Go through this step by step with your hearing care provider, as with the above points, time spent now is time saved further down the line.