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Patient Testimonials


These invisible hearing aids are a Quantum leap forward from my old ones.

- D.R.

I can hear so much more clearly now than I could with my old hearing aids, and it has only been five years!

- R.S.

If you need a recommendation, people can call me. I LOVE THEM!

- R.B.

I would be willing to do a commercial for Starkey advertising their Soundlens (invisible) hearing aids. Much better than my older ones.

- D.S.

Dr Connors is super. She is a true professional, dedicated to her patients.

Dr. Connors did a through background check to ascertained my hearing problems. We then discussed my options together with the plusses and minuses associated with each option, and determined I was in need of hearing aides due to severe hearing loose. We chose the aides that we thought would be the best for me.

They were ordered and arrived within a week as promised, and an appointment was set up for the fitting.

It took approximately five visits to get the sound level correct for me. At each visit Dr. Connors was always prompt and I rarely waited more than 5 minutes. (it is too bad all doctors aren't like this).

I have had the hearing aides more than a year now and they are highly successful. I have seen Dr. Connors for minor adjustments and she always has time to take care of my problems.

In summary, Doctor Connors is a true professional, dedicated to her patients, always prompt for appointments, and I can recommend her to anyone. I consider myself very fortunate to have her as my doctor.

- David Harpman