So you just got your new hearing aid. You have been to your hearing health professional and they have gone over how to use your new hearing aid, how to put it in and take it out, how to clean it and change or charge the batteries. They have gone over all the dos and don’ts of hearing aid care and use. And finally the hearing health professional has programed it to your hearing loss and now you are ready to take on the world. But wait … everything sounds funny and this thing feels weird. Your ears are sore and your head is aching a bit. What have you done to yourself?

The good news is these are perfectly normal reactions and feelings you are having about your new hearing aids. Hearing aids require an adjustment period for the wearer. Not only is there now a foreign body attached to your ear most of the day, but you also need to get used to the new sounds you are hearing once again. Hearing aids are a huge adjustment, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just like getting glasses for the first time, your ears pierced or the start of wearing a watch or a ring, it is an adjustment. It feels weird; like a foreign object that is not supposed to be there at all. It can be a little uncomfortable, but as time goes on you start to get used to it and it becomes a part of you. The thing with new hearing aids is to gradually get used to them. Not only is the physical element of change difficult, but there is an auditory change as well; some would say a sound overload. Make a conscience daily effort to wear your hearing aids for at least two to four hours each day. The longer you can stand wearing them the better.

You need to get used to the physical feeling of wearing hearing aids as well as the auditory sensory overload you will also experience while wearing them. Start off in quiet places and work your way up to louder more crowded places; do not start off at a crowded mall or concert as it will discourage you and be too overwhelming. Hearing aids are teaching and retraining you how to hear the world around you again. You have missed so much of what is going and now you must start to learn and understand what you have been missing.

It will take some time to get used to, but don’t fret it will become easier and soon like you have always had them. Do remember if the fit hurts too much or is too uncomfortable see your hearing health professional there may be an adjustment that can be made to make the fit more comfortable. As well if you find sounds too loud or too quiet an adjustment to your programs may be needed as well so see your hearing health professional. Your hearing health professional is there for you to help you be comfortable with the new hearing world so see them at any time if you have any concerns about the fit of your hearing aid, the sound of your hearing aid or any other concerns you may have. They are there to help you take on your new hearing world.