We are lucky to live in a world with advanced technology at our fingertips. These advances even apply to devices like hearing aids. In fact, technological advances in hearing aids have greatly improved their effectiveness. When you include modern accessories, you add flexibility and convenience to a hearing aid’s daily use. Today, in 2016, many options are available which can enhance your hearing aids’ ability to improve your communication and awareness.

Battery Types:

Every hearing aid on the market today is powered by a battery and some even use rechargeable battery cells. However, most models of hearing aids use disposables in various sizes, according to the size of the device. Hearing aid batteries are coded in colors for easy selection. For example, Type No. 10 batteries are yellow, Type-13 are orange, Type-312 are brown and Type-675 blue. Most types can run for up to 15 days depending on usage. Purchasing a battery for your hearing aid can be expensive, but some batteries offer a subscription service to save you money over time. These are usually available in monthly subscriptions.

Power Monitoring:

Modern hearing aids have been designed with a power-monitoring feature. With this feature, hearing aids give you a signal when the battery needs to be replaced. If you have an older model, be aware it may not have this function. In any case, you could use power accessories, which provide the same indication on voltage levels, such as battery carriers. These are useful when your hearing aid isn’t amplifying sounds well enough.


A moist environment can cause problems with your hearing aid simply through degradation. Dehumidifier accessories help by eliminating moisture from your device when you’ve removed its battery and retired it for the day. This option is especially useful for users who live in humid climates.

Bluetooth Audio:

This is a common feature in today’s market. The ability to Stream audio by Bluetooth capable devices is a great addition to your hearing aid. Bluetooth functions enable your phone, music or TV player to direct their audio feed to your hearing aid, with various benefits and conveniences offered depending on the model. You can adjust the volume or other features using a Bluetooth accessory paired with your hearing aid. It is truly amazing.

Assisted listening systems (ALS):

Assistive listening systems like hearing loops let TVs and microphones channel their audio to your hearing aids via tiny receivers called T-coils. These systems work with any model and do not introduce echoes or noises in operation. The benefits of ALS are available in system installations for cars or homes. Your hearing aids can be enhanced to perform better with ALS options, which are customizable for your impairment level and operable via remote controls. By improving sound qualities in a range of TVs, microphones and GPS, you gain flexibility in a variety of uses. Assistive listening accessories let you use your hearing aids to communicate better and be more receptive to warnings and critical situations.