To ensure you get the most from your hearing device, you need to look after it properly. As most audiologists will tell you, many of the most common hearing aid repairs could have been avoided with a little bit of careful maintenance. Considering that, in this blog post, we will take you through some of the most common things you can do to avoid hearing aid repairs so that you can ensure that your device lasts for many years to come.

A simple clean can make all of the difference

Many people do not realize it, but sometimes all it takes is a little wipe per day to ensure that your hearing device stays in working order. Several issues can be caused when devices have excess debris or oil on them from the day’s activities. This is why it is important to make sure you wipe your hearing device after wearing it. It is also important to make sure any wax is removed. You can get special cleaning devices to do this. If you don’t, the wax can end up blocking the device up and causing problems. 

Change the tubing

If you have a hearing device that sits behind your ear, like a BTE hearing aid, you need to make sure you replace the tubing every so often. As time goes on, the tubing can get worn and break. This can result in issues with your hearing device. Luckily, though, it is a simple fix that your audiologist will be able to do in just a few minutes in their office. In some cases, you may simply need your hearing device to be tweaked because your hearing needs have changed slightly – this is something that applies to all devices, not just a BTE. 

Look after the batteries

Last but not least, another common reason why people need hearing aid repairs is that the batteries have ended up becoming faulty. It seems a very simple fix, and that’s because it is! Often, it does not need to be a complex or extensive hearing device problem that causes issues. It can be something a lot simpler, and replacement batteries certainly fall into the latter category, saving you a lot of hassle in the long run too.

So, there you have it: an insight into some of the things you can do to avoid having to pay for your hearing aid to be repaired. A little bit of care can go a very long way when it comes to your hearing device. Just a simple clean and wipe every day can make all of the difference. However, if you feel that your hearing device is not working as effectively as it should, it is best to book an appointment with an audiologist. They will be able to assess your device to get to the bottom of the problem, ensuring it is repaired quickly and the longevity of your hearing aid is protected.