Hearing aids are highly beneficial devices. However, due to their small size and the fact that they operate within people’s ears, they have to be properly taken care of and maintained in order to stay in top working order.

If you use hearing aids, then there are a number of things that you can do to keep your hearing aids clean and to maintain them as well as possible. Here are some great tips for cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids.

1. Never expose your hearing aids to water or excessive heat

This means that you should never wear hearing aids in the shower, in the pool, in the rain or in other circumstances where you will be exposed to water. It also means that you should not wear your hearing aids while you are using a hairdryer and that you should not store your hearing aids in hot places such as next to a radiator.

2. Be careful with lotions and sprays

You should remove your hearing aids before applying hairspray, suntan lotion, shaving cream, perfume or other lotions and sprays. This is because these materials can be hazardous for your hearing aids.

3. Use a wax pick and a brush for cleaning

These tools, which are designed specifically for hearing aids, are extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning your hearing aids. The wax pick can help you to remove any excess wax that is caught in your devices. Wax can build up over time, so it is good to get it out.  The brush can help you to remove dirt, pollen or other debris. Cleaning your hearing aids is essential for keeping them in top working order.

4. Store your hearing aids in a small container

The reason why you should do this is because hearing aids are very delicate. If you immediately put them into a container after you take them out, then it decreases the chances of you dropping them on the floor. It also makes them easier to find and prevents them from being damaged. If you store them in this way on an ongoing basis, then you can reduce the chances of accidentally breaking your hearing aids.

Proper care and maintenance is crucial to keep your hearing aids operating correctly and to help increase their longevity. Talk more with your audiologist about what you can do to keep your hearing aids in optimal shape.