Your hearing aid fitting can be a truly transformative time in your life. The change is immediate, you will be able to hear sounds that you might never have picked up on since before your hearing loss. While this is all positive, it can also be overwhelming, so it’s important to prepare for an adjustment phase when you first start using your device.

Getting used to hearing differently

The experience of being able to hear more clearly than you have in years can take some adjustment. First-time hearing aid wearers may find it overwhelming to be immersed in sound again. For that reason, your audiologist may put together a schedule for your new device. In most cases, they will recommend wearing it for longer periods every day. Try to keep your hearing aid on for the amount of time they recommend, even if you’re still adjusting.

Making adjustments

One of the reasons you want to follow the schedule is that you will be better equipped to pinpoint any issues that you and your audiologist can fix. Hearing aids are customizable, meaning that if the background noise is too loud, your own voice is too loud or there is any feedback, adjustments to the programming or settings can be made. Your audiologist can work with you to find the perfect programming profile. What’s more, they can teach you how to adjust it so that your device is better suited to deal with different environments. It can take time getting used to changing the programming but with a little practice and patience, you can get the hang of it.

Being a good hearing aid owner

You have to maintain and take care of your hearing aid to make sure that you get the most effective use of it. For instance, your audiologist or hearing aid manual can show you how to thoroughly clean it so that wax and debris don’t clog the device. You will also be given advice on keeping it dry and keeping it away from excessive sources of heat, both of which can cause damage to the device. If you experience any new problems or malfunctions, your audiologist can get to the bottom of it and make the majority of repairs there in the office.

Can you wear it for the entire day?

Providing that you take care of the device, find the right programming profile and follow the schedule your audiologist creates with you, nothing will stop you from being able to wear it all day. In most cases, the only times you need to take your hearing aid out is when you go to bed, when you’re in the bath or shower or if you go swimming (though waterproof hearing aids can work even in the water).

Besides getting adjusted to it, there should be no discomfort or pain when wearing your hearing aid. If you do experience any, you should arrange an appointment with your audiologist as soon as possible. They can ensure that you get the correct fit, so you can use your hearing aid throughout the day without issue.