If you suffer from hearing loss and wear a hearing aid, you may wonder how often you need to update that device. Of course, there is no set answer to this question: It depends on how well you look after the device and changes in your hearing, but let’s take a look at some of the factors which influence your decision to update. 

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

Hearing devices are well made and their average life expectancy is around five years. But whether it’s your vehicle or your cell phone, from time to time technology needs replacing because of wear and tear.

If you treat your device with respect and service it regularly it should serve you well for many years. The good news is that with digital devices, your audiologist can often program in updates that improve your listening experience, without needing to go to the expense of purchasing a new device.

How Often Does My Hearing Change?

In the same way that our sight changes as we age, so does our hearing. As your ability to hear diminishes then you hearing device may need adjustments in order to compensate. People ages 55 years and older should ideally have a full hearing test with their audiologist or hearing healthcare provide on a yearly basis.

It could be that your hearing changes so much over the years that the device that suited you four or five years ago is no longer up to the job, in which case upgrading to a more modern device will improve your hearing.

How Frequently Does Hearing Aid Technology Change?

Research and development into new technology continues all the time. From the size of the devices to battery life or Bluetooth capability, the options available today may not have been developed five years ago. Thus changing your hearing device at least once every five years can open up new features that are beneficial to your ability to hear.

Also, as mentioned above, switching to a digital device can give you inbuilt longevity because the audiologist can install updates or make adjustments that increase the capability of your existing unit rather than need to purchase a completely new device. 

How Can I Maximize the Life of my Hearing Aid?

This can be a simple thing like not leaving your hearing aid in a steamy bathroom while you shower, since this can cause condensation that degrades the electrical circuitry.

Another situation to avoid is any extreme hot or cold temperatures; so don’t leave your device in direct sun on a windowsill or in a hot car. Another tip is to change the batteries over a towel, so if the hearing aid slips out of your hands it has a soft landing.

Hearing devices are designed for everyday use and handling them with respect will extend their functional life.