Tinnitus can be an incredibly debilitating condition, which is why it’s important to avoid any activities that might put you at risk to develop it. Unfortunately, there are many causes of tinnitus and not all can be fixed or prevented. So what can you do? Read through the following tips to better avoid tinnitus or at the very least help lower complications associated with it.

  • Quit Smoking. Smokers are at a higher risk to develop tinnitus because of the narrowing of the blood vessels that occurs when one smokes. This limits the amount of oxygen supplied to the ears and its sensory cells.
  • Noise exposure. Avoid loud noises for prolonged periods of time. This noise exposure can damage the tiny hairs in the ear. If you are exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods of time make sure to wear the proper hearing protection.
  • Blood Pressure. If you happen to have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems you are at risk for developing tinnitus. There is usually a decrease in blood flow or a narrowing of the blood vessels that decreases the amount of oxygen throughout the body.
  • Watch Your Emotional State. Emotions and stress can play a huge role in the severity of one’s tinnitus. If you are depressed, have trouble concentrating, anxious or irritable, these can all increase the severity of the tinnitus. Try to find activities that help you remain calm.
  • Medication. Certain medication can cause tinnitus. If caught soon enough and changed permanent damage can be avoided. Check with your doctor about the medication you are taking and the possible side effects.
  • Have Your Ears Cleaned. Wax impaction can cause tinnitus. If your ears are impacted with wax see your audiologist to have them properly and professional cleaned out.
  • Head and Neck Injuries. If you have a head or neck injury seek medical advice as soon as possible. There are certain protocols that medical professional go through to ensure no long term damage will be done. Concussion protocol can be important to follow as well.

Protect your ears and your hearing because once the damage is done it cannot be undone.