The hearing is one of the most important senses the human body has. It helps us detect danger, excitement and is the primary way of communicating with others. Hearing helps us comprehend others, feel emotions in their words and is the best way to interact with people around us. The sense of hearing is very crucial in a person’s life. Hence, the health of ears should not be compromised on.

Do you have to clean your ears?

People are very concerned about cleaning their ears when, in reality, we have a natural cleaning method, the earwax. The earwax acts as a protective barrier for our sensitive inner ear; it traps the bacteria, dust and dirt particles to keep the ears clean. 

People are found vigorously scrubbing their ears with cotton swabs which are dangerous. The cotton swabs actually push the wax into the inner ear, increasing the buildup of wax and bacteria. This in turn also causes damage to the eardrum and the lining of the ear canal. People, who produce a normal amount of wax, do not need to clean their ears at all. 

On the other hand, too much wax is also harmful as it can increase bacteria and lead to infections and hearing loss. Thus, one has to ensure the ears are clean at all times and maintain the natural balance of wax. 

How to clean your ears

The foremost thing is to avoid using cotton swabs, Bobby pins, twisted napkins and ear candles. Cotton swabs will push wax deeper into the ear canal. On the other hand, bobby pins and napkins will only introduce bacteria into the ears whereas ear candles are hazardous and can cause serious injuries. 

The best way to clean clogged ears outside of visiting a hearing healthcare professional is to use hydrogen peroxide. This helps the ears clean themselves by softening and loosening the earwax. Add mineral oil to hydrogen peroxide and pour a few drops of the solution into your ear. Keep your ear tilted, so the solution reaches the inner ear, then turn your head and drain away the solution or absorb it with a cotton ball. This is the most efficient remedy to clean your ears. You can also make a mixture of vinegar, alcohol and warm water. Once the mixture is created, place a few drops into the ear. This is another effective method of cleaning and irrigating ears. 

How to keep the ears healthy and clean

Ear health is crucial in determining the quality of hearing. Ear infections are pretty common which lead to pain and temporary hearing loss. Infections can occur when ears are exposed to bacteria. The “swimmers ear” may also develop if you remain underwater for a long time or are exposed to dirty water. Therefore, the hygiene of the ear is critical to prevent such infections. 

Can hearing aids help?

Hearing aids help you by taking in sound through a microphone, then boosting it before sending it to your hair canal. There are a variety of hearing aids you can choose from, all using the same method to boost your hearing in different ways. Some are more discreet than others. Some connect behind the ear, while others are inside the ear or even deep into the ear canal. You have to work with a hearing care provider to determine which hearing aid would suit you the best. However, if you have unclean ears, a hearing aid won’t be of much use.