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Hearing Resources

Hearing resources from Doctors Hearing Services are helpful for children, adults and seniors. The information gathered is a good start for anyone interested in learning about hearing loss. Hearing loss can occur gradually and be difficult to detect, so scheduling an appointment is always a smart option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals suffering from hearing loss can use FAQs as a resource to the most commonly asked questions. Conditions affect all ages, so hearing health is considered a family issue. Early detection is the best way to combat hearing deterioration. 

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How Hearing Works

Learning the process of hearing can help with identifying hearing problems. The inner, middle and outer ear all have functions that aid in understanding sound. Hearing is affected if any of these areas become compromised.  

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Degrees of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects the quality of life and abilities of the person affected. Close to 50 million Americans have some form of hearing loss, yet very few seek treatment even after diagnosis. Hearing aids are the most common treatment, with other options including surgery, medication and therapy.

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Hearing and Balance

Research continues to find exciting new breakthroughs to combat ENT issues. Restoring and maintaining hearing is possible with the right blend of services. With personalized treatment options, patients can live a normal and healthy life. 

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Tinnitus is a condition that causes random noises in the ear. It can happen in one or both ears, and sometimes in the head. Treatment options for tinnitus depend on the root cause of the condition, which can include hearing loss, earwax impaction or certain medications. Hearing aids equipped with a masking feature are commonly prescribed, in addition to sound machines, tinnitus retraining therapy or lifestyle changes. 

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Online Hearing Test

An online hearing test is a quick and effective way to gauge hearing loss. A lot of the leading hearing aid brands offer tests to help potential patients evaluate their hearing. After taking the test, an appointment should be scheduled for a full evaluation with an audiologist. 

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When you face a condition with your auditory system, contact Doctors Hearing Services to receive the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment you deserve.