The summer season is no doubt an exciting time, with lots of travel and vacation planning going around. However, for those with hearing loss, the excitement can sometimes be overwhelmed by stress, as the demands of social gatherings and interactions with different people can take its toll both mentally and physically. To enjoy the summer season fully, it is necessary that your hearing is at its best so that you are not embarrassed by the prospect of interacting with others.  

If this is your first time vacationing while wearing hearing aids, here’s what to do and what not to do:  

Do: Keep your hearing aids dry

Hearing aid dehumidifiers or drying kits are very light on the pockets but can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your hearing aids dry and functioning ideally. Dehumidifiers serve the purpose of eliminating the moisture build-up that occurs during the day. For hearing aids to get moist, it is not necessary that you necessarily drop water on them; instead, the condensation from any extreme temperature can damage hearing aids. The risk of moisture build up is definitely a factor you should consider when purchasing dehumidifiers in order to prolong the life of your hearing aids. Dehumidifiers can be all the more important during the summers when you want your hearing to be at its best. If mobility is putting you off, then you’ll be glad to know that Hearing aid dehumidifiers are highly portable and can be carried around easily during travel.  

Don’t: Forget to pack your hearing aids

A lot of people plan dinners and events during the summer season. If you too are planning to attend an event at the beach, ensure that you take your hearing aids along with you. If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, chances are that you would’ve gotten accustomed to wearing the aids so remembering to wear them won’t necessarily be a huge issue. However, if you’re new to hearing aids and are still getting used to the whole process, then it will be important to remind yourself to take your hearing aids along everywhere you go. Just as you would set out clothes to take them with you on a vacation, you can do the same with hearing aids so that you remember to wear them.  

Do: Let people know you have hearing loss

If you have hearing loss, then it is your duty to inform others that you have a problem with hearing. Informing others does not necessarily mean that you have to make announcements or such. Instead, you can employ discreet methods such as asking to be provided with a seat in the middle of the table or not be seated near places where there is a lot of noise. While your friends and family may be sensitive to your problem, it is your responsibility to let them know how they can help you.  

Don’t: Be embarrassed by your problem

One of the most common side effects of hearing loss is that the person suffering often becomes reclusive and shies away from social situations. However, this is no way to deal with hearing loss. Instead, if you’re suffering from hearing loss, you should try to overcome the challenge and prove to yourself, not others, that you’re more than capable of living a normal life even though your hearing is not at its best. Choosing to wear a hearing aid is one of the most effective weapons in dealing with hearing loss. So, if your audiologist recommends one, you should not hesitate in purchasing a hearing aid.