Hearing loss affects far more people than many of us realize; figures suggest that around 20 percent of Americans are living with some degree of hearing loss and nearly 29 million people would benefit from using hearing aids. Are you worried that you could be suffering from hearing loss? Read through the list of telltale signs below and book an appointment with a hearing care professional to discuss your concerns.

Signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss and ways hearing aids could benefit:

  • You have trouble deciphering what people are saying: Hearing people but not being able to understand what they’re saying to you is a common problem associated with hearing loss. Hearing aid are able to help amplify sounds so they can become clearer and easier to understand.
  • You find it hard to understand people on the phone: This is one of the biggest indicators of hearing loss. Mild-to-moderate hearing loss sufferers can often cope fairly well in face-to-face conversations as they have visual cues and body language to help them decipher what is being said. On the telephone, however, we have none of this visual information and must rely solely on our hearing. Hearing aid are often connected to cell phones and other devices using Bluetooth technology. This means your conversations will be more streamlined to your ears.
  • You find yourself withdrawing in group conversations: Group conversations can be particularly challenging situations for hearing loss sufferers. If you are experiencing mild hearing loss, you find it difficult to follow the train of conversation and find yourself withdrawing or daydreaming while others are talking. Hearing aids often come equipped with directional microphones. These microphones filter out the background noise and make it easier to focus on the person who’s speaking.
  • You avoid social situations: This one really only qualifies as a sign if it is accompanied by one or all of the above points. Social anxiety as a result of hearing difficulty is a very common problem from hearing loss sufferers; it can develop so subtly that you might not have noticed the change in yourself, or are attributing the change to other things. Hearing aids often a number of programmed settings for different listening environments, making it easy for you to switch between hearing in a quiet place like a church to a louder location like a restaurant.

Many people take their ability to hear for granted. Even when a slight hearing loss is noticed, most people will simply learn to cope with it rather than seeking treatment. Hearing well is crucial to living well, so don’t let your hearing loss control your life. Schedule an appointment with a hearing health specialist to find out if you could benefit from hearing aids!