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4 Things You'll Learn at Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Woman Getting Hearing Aid Fitted

If you’ve been through hearing tests and assessments and a hearing health professional has urged you to consider using hearing aids, you may be eagerly awaiting your hearing aid fitting. The main aim of this appointment is to get the fit of your hearing aids just right, but your hearing specialist will also be able to provide you with heaps of information and some useful tips to enable you to make the most of your new hearing aids and keep them in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Here are four things you’ll learn at your hearing aid fitting.

1. How to use your hearing aids

If you’ve never had hearing aids before, you might be slightly apprehensive about wearing them for the first time. Modern-day hearing aids are very advanced and they offer all kinds of benefits. To ensure that you’re able to take advantage of all the benefits of wearing hearing aids, it’s important to learn how to use them. Your hearing care provider will show you how to use your hearing aids and how to position them and then remove them carefully.

2. How to change and adjust the settings

Hearing aids have default settings that can be determined based on your individual needs, but it is also possible to modify the programs and make adjustments to suit your preferences and enable you to change environments without any worries or anxiety. Your hearing health professional will show you how to modify the settings on your hearing aids and talk you through the process to make sure that you feel confident. If you have any questions or you can’t remember what to do when you get home, don’t panic! Just give your hearing care provider a call and they will be happy to help.

3. How to replace the batteries

Hearing aid batteries don’t last forever and they need to be changed on a regular basis. The lifespan of your hearing aid battery will depend on the type of hearing aids you have and the size of the battery. Your hearing health professional will show you how to change your batteries so that you’re able to do this with minimal hassle at home.

4. How to keep your hearing aids clean

It’s essential to keep your hearing aids as clean as possible to avoid a build-up of wax and dust and to protect your ears. If your hearing aids are full of debris, this can prevent them from working effectively and you might also be more susceptible to infection. Cleaning your hearing aids doesn’t take long and it will soon become a part of your daily routine. Your hearing specialist can provide you with tips and advice and demonstrate the best ways to clean your hearing aids.

If you’ve got a hearing aid fitting coming up, this isn’t just an appointment to fit your hearing aids. It’s also a valuable learning experience, which will give you more information about your hearing aids and help you look after them and get the best out of them when you get home.


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