The average time from suspecting you have hearing loss to actually getting help, for most people is around 10 years.

What’s holding you back from using a hearing aid?

For many people this is because they’re “Not ready for a hearing aid yet.” It might be they perceive hearing loss as linked to older people (Not true! With one in five people suffering from hearing loss, a great number are younger.) Rightly or wrongly, some people perceive that wearing a hearing device is aging … which is where a near invisible aid could be the answer.

With this in mind, let’s look at five reasons a near invisible, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing device could be the right choice for you.

#1: Miniaturization  

The wonders of miniaturization and digital technology mean that you can have it all: small size and amplification. The completely-in-the-canal hearing device is made so that all the parts (microphone, amplifier and receiver) all fit within the ear canal.

This means there’s no need for external parts, such as housing that sits behind the ear.

#2: Your secret

Because the CIC does what it says on the label and sits entirely in the ear canal, this makes it near invisible to the observer. In fact, the device is only visible to those staring directly into your ear canal, which would be a pretty unusual situation.

#3: Self-adjusting

The small size of the CIC means that they are automated, with no buttons or dials that need adjusting to change programs. Instead, they are self-adjusting, which again adds to another level of discretion. Without the need to change programs in different hearing environments, there’s no need to draw attention to the device.

#4: Listening comfort

The CIC sits deep in the canal which allows your outer ear to do its job of shielding your hearing from wind noise. The deep location of the hearing device also means you can comfortably hold a phone to your ear in a natural position. And another bonus is there is no external tubing to tangle with your spectacles, if you wear glasses.

#5: Restore confidence

A CIC means better hearing but it can be your little secret. This means renewed confidence in a work or social environment. Indeed, research shows us that correcting hearing loss protects your earning power and protects both mental and physical health. Sound reasons indeed to address hearing loss.

And finally, there are many advantages to a CIC hearing device, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. The CIC is powerful enough to correct mild to moderate hearing loss, but for those with a more severe impairment a more powerful device may be needed. However, the good news is there are now many amazingly discrete hearing devices to suit all levels of hearing impairment. Speak to an audiologist who will be happy to advise you.