A hearing test is an examination often conducted by a trained audiologist to test one’s ability to hear. A test like this will often begin with a questionnaire to get as much information as the possible about the individual. There will then be practical elements to examine the actual state of their hearing. Patients will be asked whether they can hear noises at different volumes and participate in a speech listening test. But what are the signs that you need a hearing test?

Struggling in conversations

Do you constantly find yourself asking people to repeat what they have just said? In some cases, this will be because you were not consciously listening to them speak. However, if it is becoming more common, then this may be a sign that your hearing is deteriorating. Particularly if you are unable to hear what someone is saying in a quiet environment such as your own home. As well as difficulty hearing someone speak, you might also find that you struggle to maintain a conversation. This will usually be because you have missed parts without realizing it.

It’s possible that someone else will also notice you’re difficulty hearing. Particularly, if you are constantly asking them to repeat themselves or if you are talking at a louder volume. People with hearing difficulties often speak at a louder volume to compensate for the lower level that they are hearing.

Whistling, whirring, ringing

Can you hear a noise that isn’t there? This could be anything from a whistling, whirring or buzzing to a small piece of music played on repeat. Hearing noises like this that don’t have a source is a sign of tinnitus. Tinnitus is not treatable, but with the right steps, it can be managed. You should go see an audiologist if you have an issue like this and get it checked out. It’s possible that you are suffering from subjective tinnitus. This is caused by a physical issue in the ear and can be treated. An audiologist will also tell you when you have a hearing test that this issue can be a sign of hearing loss.

Struggling to hear devices

We use various different devices in the world today from MP3 players to TVs and laptops. Are you struggling to hear these devices? Do you constantly need to turn the volume up? If the volume has risen significantly higher from what you originally had it set as you may need to consult and audiologist and get a hearing test. Typically devices mark the safe levels for listening. If you are now listening to the device over that level, you could be damaging your hearing further and must get it checked out as quickly as possible.

Trouble on your feet

Finally, you might find that you are having balance issues. Trouble balancing can be caused by issues with the inner ear. If this is occurring, you will find yourself stumbling around a little more and feeling a little clumsy. A hearing test can help you assess the issue and determine whether hearing aids could provide the solution.