Hearing is an incredibly important aspect to our daily lives. When you have untreated hearing loss, you risk developing social anxiety, depression and a lower quality of life. And because hearing loss doesn’t discriminate, the best way to find out if you have hearing loss is to have your hearing tested. You may not think that you have a hearing loss or hearing problems, but having your hearing tested can still be important for other areas of your health. How you may ask? Well there are a number of reasons as to why hearing tests are important.

1. To create a baseline

Just like eyesight, your hearing changes over time. Unfortunately, as we get older our hearing, just like our eyesight, tends to deteriorate. It is important to have your hearing tested to create a baseline so that not only you, but also your audiologist can note and see changes over time. This can help you both understand your hearing ability and if you are experiencing any problems as you age.

2. Workplace hearing tests

Many workplaces now have mandatory hearing testing done on all their workers. This helps the company to know when an employee has a hearing loss that may have been caused by the workplace environment. Many industrial workplaces are very loud and workers are constantly exposed to high levels of noise that can induce hearing loss. This helps everyone know if a problem is present and what can be done for future prevention for other workers.

3. Diagnose other ear issues

Having your hearing tested regularly can help you and the audiologist catch any problems or conditions that may be present in the ear. There are a number of disorders that can cause hearing loss or other issues in the ear or the areas surrounding the ear. Having your hearing tested and your ears checked regularly can help to diagnose and treat, or even prevent, some of these conditions.

4. Your family thinks you need one

Because hearing loss generally occurs gradually, our family and friends can be the first people to recognize when we have those problems. If someone if your family has suggested you may have hearing loss, consider getting a hearing test done to find out if there are any issues you may not have noticed.

It is important to have your hearing tested regularly to not only create that baseline for future tests to be compared to, but also to ensure there are no problems or conditions in your ear that could affect your hearing. Protecting your hearing is important as it cannot be replaced or fixed once it has deteriorated.