Choosing an audiologist requires you to consider a number of factors. You need a professional who can meet your needs, whether you want to have a routine hearing test or you have hearing loss and want someone to help you care for your hearing. If you want to choose the right audiologist for you, there are certain qualities that you're sure to want to look for. You want your audiologist to be qualified and experienced, but it's not all about what they have hanging on their walls. There are other qualities that matter too, especially when it comes to interpersonal skills.

1. People skills

All doctors should have a good "bedside manner" for working with their patients. Although you're more likely to be in a chair than a bed at the audiologist's office, you still want your audiologist to be approachable and friendly. You want your audiologist to treat you with empathy and to give you the attention that you deserve. They should be able to discuss issues sensitively and help you to feel at ease during your appointments. You can find out if your audiologist is right for you by speaking to them and checking reviews to see what other people think.

2. Communication

As well as general people skills, you also want your audiologist to be able to communicate effectively. You know they have the qualifications, but are they able to talk to you about your hearing in a way that you can understand? If you're looking for an audiologist for your child, are they able to do the same for them? A good audiologist should be able to explain even complicated concepts in language that makes sense to you. At the same time, you shouldn't feel like your audiologist is being patronizing or talking down to you. The should speak to you with respect and compassion.

3. Time keeping

Good time keeping is vital for anyone you make an appointment with. You want to be able to start and finish your appointment when you expect to. It's often necessary to take time off work to attend appointments, or you might be trying to fit them into a busy schedule. You don't want to waste your time because your appointment is delayed or even canceled. Although an audiologist has to juggle lots of patients, they still need to respect your time. If they can't manage their time, it could be a sign that they have problems elsewhere.

4. Good reviews

One of the best ways to check that an audiologist has the qualities that you're looking for is to check their reviews online. Looking at reviews and testimonials can be extremely helpful in determining whether an audiologist is the right fit for you. Don't just look at ratings, but examine the comments people have made. It will help you get a better understanding if what they liked and didn't like. Some negatives for some people could be positives for you.

Take some time to find the right audiologist for you so that you know you will have a good experience.