Hearing aids are incredibly important, but big, investments. When considering hearing aids, it’s easy to be tempted to purchase hearing aids secondhand or online. The problem with these options, however; is that they will not be properly assessed or fitted by an audiologist. While you may be able to get a seemingly great deal on hearing aids purchased through a website, you’ll end up wasting more money than you save.

How? Let us count the ways.

Comfort and your hearing aids

There is perhaps no part of the body except for fingerprints that is as unique to each person as the ears. Some people have big ears. Other people have small ears. And the folds and creases of the ear? Why, those are as unique as maps of different countries.

This means that a hearing aid not fitted for your ear stands an excellent chance of being uncomfortable. It may even hurt. It might fall out a lot. A hearing aid is something you’re likely to be wearing a lot of the time. You owe it to yourself and your peace of mind to get one molded just for your ears. The fitting appointment ensures the molding was carried out correctly.

Audiologists and hearing aid fittings

Fitting your hearing aid, as well as molding it for your ear, shouldn’t just be a process. It should also be a dialogue. If you get a fitting via your audiologist, you have the opportunity to have that dialogue. You can tell your audiologist what kind of style is most comfortable for you. What style is most aesthetically pleasing to you? What style best fits your lifestyle? You can even tell your audiologist details like how prone you are to ear infections. For their part, the audiologist will have several important questions for you too. But none of this will happen if you don’t get a hearing aid fitting done.

Peace of mind that lasts the lifetime of your hearing aid

Let’s face it: hearing loss is no fun. It’s stressful to try to live your life straining to hear or unable to hear. Hearing aids don’t simply resolve your hearing problems, but helps reduce the stress that goes along with hearing problems. When you bypass a fitting, you are inviting that stress right back into your life. You don’t know how much pain and discomfort it could cause over time. You don’t know if it will fall out and break. You do know that if it does break, you will have no recourse or warranty with that particular hearing aid.

Hearing aid fittings are crucial to the satisfaction and help you receive from your devices. Talk with your audiologist not only about the best hearing aid style for you, but the ways a proper fitting can improve your quality of life.