Should you be exposed to loud noises regularly, hearing health professionals recommend investing in hearing protection. Foam tips and wax balls provide disposable forms of protection for short-term use.

Hearing protection is very important if you work in a noisy environment daily, like a construction site or concert hall. However, should you find yourself engaging in loud hobbies, it's equally just as important and a good idea to consider your options for earplugs or muffs that will help protect your ears and preserve hearing.

Here are a few hobbies that require ear protection:

Musicians and producers 

If you're a musician, wearing hearing protection is vital. You'll be playing music that's loud enough to make your ears ring for days or months, depending on how often you perform and the length of time each session lasts. This can affect how well you hear yourself and in the long term when age-related hearing loss sets in too soon.

Playing or producing music are both very common activities people engage with daily as part of their hobbies or jobs.

Music production is not without risk if you don't protect yourself from the loud sounds of instruments and equipment standards in studio work. So even though it may affect how well you hear your own songs right now – or those around one day – take care to keep up with proper habits to prevent long-term injuries due to excessive noise exposure today or tomorrow because producing great quality music should never come at a cost where health is concerned!

Cooking and Baking

Temporary hearing protection is a must if you want to use loud kitchen appliances. If you regularly use any noisy kitchen appliances, it's important for your health that you wear some temporary hearing protection such as earplugs while using them. 

Most people either have a blender or know someone who has one. However, if you regularly use your appliance, consider wearing temporary hearing protection such as earplugs. At the same time, it runs to protect yourself from the high decibel noise that it makes during operation. 

Hearing protection may seem like an excessive precaution, but if you want to preserve and protect your ears over time, this is just something extra that can help along the way!

Fireworks and Shooting

Fireworks are extremely dangerous, with an average of 150 decibels. Loud noise can cause lasting damage in just one second; imagine how many seconds it would take to get over the effects from a shotgun at close range! You should wear earplugs or earmuffs when you're around fireworks and gunfire- covering your ears isn't enough. 

The sudden exposure to exceptionally high sound volumes is much more detrimental than continuous exposure. Even though they may be pretty, firework shows produce up to 150 decibels on average. The volume level for guns during shooting ranges has roughly as much noise, but due to its closer proximity being so near-source makes this especially harmful.

Earplugs and earmuffs are the best methods of protecting yourself from loud noises, with your hearing health professional being the ideal partner to help you select the ideal solution for your needs.